The success of businesses and organizations depends on both strategic-structural factors, and socio-cultural ones.

Sustainable change processes optimize social, economic and ecological targets in a balanced manner.

While dynamics are usually judged positively, stability is seen as something negative. This view, which is often held by management, means the preserving power of stability may be overlooked and its relevance underestimated.

Changes always involve insecurities and resistance - even though the initial situation may be unsatisfactory, the defined goal desirable and the way of achieving it convincing.

Good change management creates the possibilities for control. This requires the employees can perceive, foresee and have influence over change.

The quality of a company's culture first becomes clear in its handling of difference.

Companies are political arenas in which, alongside fact-based goals, personal motives and self-interest constitute essential driving forces.

Management roles are not given and defined - they are continually negotiated and developed further.

The complexity of the requirements on management is mainly determined by the complexity of reoccurring dilemmas in the concrete management situation.

Management is the most relevant cultural influence within companies.

There is great potential for organizational and individual learning processes within companies.

Humane work conditions are a necessity and prerequisite for the economic success of a company; they do not pose an obstacle to it.

Individual performance is substantially determined by the characteristics and qualities of each person, as well as the organizational and cultural parameters of the company.

Strategic leadership requires, from time to time, systematically asking questions relevant to the company, and answering these with sound information.

The basic functions of every organization encompass daily business and innovation.

The behavior of the managers and executives in a company is of great significance for the development of the employees' health.

Leadership is not right or wrong, but rather better or worse.

iafob − because it's worth having the right partner (film in german only)

iafob − because it's worth to have the right partner (film in german only)