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Below you find a list of selected projects.

  • Strategy and organization development in a foundation
  • Strategic-structural development of HRM in a health insurance company
  • SWING - stress management, effects and benefits of workplace health promotion
  • Review of management system in an internationally oriented non-profit organization
  • Exposure study in the elementary schools of a canton
  • Implementation a employee survey at a university
  • Integration of two private foundations in the field of addiction treatment
  • Culture development in a financial services company
  • New payroll system in a large enterprise
  • Organizational diagnosis in service department
  • Work (time) optimization of senior and assistant physicians
  • Team development in administration department
  • Labor conditions, pressures and resources among adult education teaching staff and members of local education authorities
  • Implementation of a reorganization plan at a health insurance company
  • Evaluation of workplace health and safety projects in hospitals and care home facilities
  • Absence management in old age and care homes
  • Research project: Paths to happiness - How managers can lead themselves to happiness
  • Organization assessment in public administration
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