How we work. Use cases.

These practical examples show concrete approaches of iafob in the context of selected projects and mandates. These examples concern different topics and design fields of our work as well as different companies and industries.

Symbolbild Strategieentwicklung

Strategy development

About the development and then implementation of a new strategy process in an industrial company.

Symbolbild Organisationen

Organizational design

On the structural development of a public security institution.

Symbolbild Projekte

Project management

About the rescue and restart of a complex digitization project.

Symbolbild Führung

New forms of leadership

On the surprising redesign of leadership in an administrative service organization.

Symbolbild Teams

Redesigning collaboration at the management level

About the clarification and optimization of cooperation at the management level in an educational institution.

Symbolbild Mitarbeitendenbefragungen

Employee survey on New Work

About the analysis of employee satisfaction in a new, mobile-flexible form of work and the consequences of the findings.

Symbolbild Lohn- und Anreizmodelle

Redesign of a payroll system

About the redesign of the payroll system in a self-managed service company.

Symbolbild Mobil-flexible und virtuelle Arbeitsformen

Decentralized, virtual collaboration

On the design of a decentralized virtual peer network of practitioners for mutual support in a diversified industry.

Symbolbild Spannungs- und Konfliktsituationen

Conflicting teams

About a conflict intervention between two teams in an expert organization.

Symbolbild Betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement

Promoting workplace health

On anchoring workplace health promotion at a social service provider.

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