What we do. Our main topics.

We provide a wide range of services and support processes for you.

We develop, adapt and anchor strategies

    What we do:
  • Reflect on strategic baseline situation
  • Identify relevant success factors for the future
  • Define and implement medium-term orientation

We analyze, design and optimize organizations

    What we do:
  • Analyze and evaluate operational organizational designs
  • Define and develop strategy-compliant organizational and management frameworks
  • Implement adapted organizational models

We design projects, manage and coach them, lead them to results

    What we do:
  • Design and manage projects (agile, classic, hybrid)
  • Define objectives and projet impact
  • Lead, coach, control and monitor projects


We develop and coach leaders as well as management teams

    What we do:
  • Recognize leadership potential
  • Empower leaders
  • Coach leadership teams and make them evolve


We develop teams and optimize cooperation

    What we do:
  • Make team-related success factors transparent
  • Optimize team structures
  • Introduce you to new and modern collaboration methods and frameworks
  • Expand team-work competences


We design, implement and harness the potentials of employee surveys

    What we do:
  • Design surveys
  • Conduct surveys
  • Evaluate and process surveys and derive relevant measures


We design wage and incentive models

    What we do:
  • Analyze and evaluate existing wage and incentive systems
  • Co-develop optimized wage and incentive models
  • Transfer and implement optimized wage and incentive systems


We design and support innovation and transformation processes

    What we do:
  • Develop and expand innovation management
  • Harness and reinforce innovation and change potentials
  • How to deal with complexity and VUCA - introducing and using agility in projects and structures


We design and introduce mobile-flexible and virtual ways to work and lead

    What we do:
  • Identify flexibilization and virtualization potentials
  • Design flexible and virtual forms of work
  • Implement flexible and virtual work models and methods


We analyze and help dealing with tension and conflictual situations

    What we do:
  • Analyze conflict situations
  • Elaborate and apply conflict resolution processes
  • Accompany and implement conflict solutions


We design and shape occupational health management

    What we do:
  • Analyze occupational health
  • Derive strategy-compliant organizational and management models
  • Implement adapted organizational ways


We design and implement trainings, coachings and conferences - IRL and/or online

    What we do:
  • Define relevant competency areas based on function and role
  • Design competency development strategies and implement competency development measures through various forms of teaching and learning
  • Design and implement traditional and virtual trainings, seminars and conferences - in English, German and/or French

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